Wood and plastic processing

It may not be common, but Bouwmeester BV has its own wood / plastic department. In this department it is possible to produce models from drawings, a well-known aid in the production of ships and / or machines.

The use of wood or plastics reduces the costs of modeling to a minimum and produces lighter and cheaper than steel. It is also possible to supply a complete interior for yacht building, fitting in a ship's shell built or engineered by us.

Our engineering department can draw / fit in a complete interior and Bouwmeester BV can supply this in any desired color or wood (veneer) finish. In this way it has become very easy to apply ship paneling.

Many already preceded you and took advantage of the enormous time savings of this way of working. Obviously an ultramodern view of current yacht building.

Bouwmeester BV produces many of its own plastic parts in this department, which are used in the machine building department. These activities also make it possible to litigate parts for third parties.

Many furniture makers have already found their way to Bouwmeester BV to have wood or plastic parts milled from sheet materials. We would like to inform you about the possibilities.