Mechanical engineering

Bouwmeester BV has been active in mechanical engineering since 1954. As a producer of sweep / mowing boats, Bouwmeester has become a household name in inventive machines. But did you know that Bouwmeester BV also builds machines in various other sectors?

Bouwmeester is also very active as an OEM (Original Equiptmant Manufacturer). Many have already found their way to the innovative way of thinking of Bouwmeester and market machines that originate from the engineering team of Bouwmeester BV.

Bouwmeester designs, certifies and produces, and third parties market it. Something for you? Always wanted to have your own product, please contact us for the possibilities.

Bouwmeester BV markets a number of machines on the European market as products.

B-Flo (Amphibious multifunctional tool carrier 4M)
B-Flo 400 series 2 (Amphibious multifunctional tool carrier 4M)
B-Flo 450 Power (Amphibious multifunctional tool carrier 5M)
C-Flo / Wadcrawler (Amphibious multifunctional tool carrier 6M)
Lo-Flo (small dredger / utility ship with loading crane)
Infraheat 12 (infrared asphalt re-heater for repairs)

Always on the move!

Our own machine building department develops hydraulic and electrical systems for our machines.

Many of these machines or parts thereof are also used by third parties, including our own “BM hydraulic screw pod” which is easy to use for hopper barges. Bouwmeester develops and supplies many motor / mechanical and hydraulic systems, including:

Various power sources (including Kubota, Yanmar, Caterpillar)
Hydraulic Systems including servo hydraulic, electric hydraulic (from Walvoil, Danfoss)

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