Aluminum machining

We store hundreds of profiles in our ultramodern heated warehouse (20 ° C).

We also do this partly for some clients. It is therefore possible to combine purchasing quantity with phased “partial” deliveries of processed products at very favorable storage costs.

As a result, “just in time” deliveries are within the possibilities of Bouwmeester and therefore also for you as a client.

Every day, our employee performs many operations on profiles, including:

Sawing (single or double miter)
CNC sawing on our saw machines (0.1mm accuracy at (20 ° C)
Drilling, tapping, punching
Polishing, deburring, washing and packaging / palletizing
CNC milling (up to 6000mm) on our 2 milling machines
Connection techniques including Welding, gluing, riveting.
Deforming by bending, setting, rolling.

In short; there are many possibilities.

Our engineering department makes it easy to quickly obtain a price for machining in our aluminum department. Our automated work preparation software “Plan de Campagne” ensures an accurate processing sequence, order processing and invoicing.

Of course we can supply you with the materials, but this can also be done with your own supplied materials. Our modern expedition can arrange shipment if desired.